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Good morning beauties,

Looks like we will be having another beautiful day ! It’s s sunny, I just can’t believe it…and me, I have these FW clothing that are so not on the same vibe as the weather.

Most of you don’t know this, but I don’t see far, so a couple of years ago I had to wear glasses… it’s mostly because I spent so much time in front of screens ever since I was a kid and it affected my sight. Here in Belgium the glasses are super expensive and I remember paying like 450€ for a pair… it was a lot. When I lost them, I couldn’t afford getting a new pair and as my eye problems weren’t that great, I thought I should postpone it.

Happily, now Polette arrived in Belgium and they have super neat glasses (and sunglasses) that are so affordable !

I was super happy to be able to wear them the other day and I think they completed my outfit so perfectly. I chose to go with a casual look, a tad nerdy, but super sweet. I’m so in love with C&A ‘s new collection and I think it’s so feminine and posh… it inspires me to do a lot of lovely outfits and I’m sure you’ll be adoring this one just as much as I am 🙂 .


What I wore:


Best pros:

  1. frame+lenses from 14.98€ / digital lenses for 10€

  2. filtering 40% of the blue light coming from screens. No more migraines and sleep disorders! 

  3. cute accessories to match your glasses; I got the Bouncy Pink case

That would be it for today 🙂

Really hope you will have an awesome Tuesday … my week is kinda packed, but I’m happy to be bringing you the OOTD each and every day !



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