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Get your freak on

Hi sweeties,

This is such a wonderful day to spend outside! I have such much work to do that I don’t think I’m gonna take advantage of the lovely sun. Of course, I have just the outfit for the current weather situation! Since you’ve probably planning to walk a lot, I think choosing a pair of sneakers is the best option. Mine come from Sacha Shoes and they are soooo comfy !!

Since Givenchy and Balenciaga both have similar styles, I totally fell for these sock sneakers as I like to call them and I just cannot get my feet out of them.

Obviously I have a rad outfit that goes with them so hope you enjoy my little OOTD as usual

What I wore:

– River Island jacket

– Zara turtleneck blouse

– Stradivarius skirt

– Zara tights

Really cool that you stopt by my page and hope to see you again tomorrow for a brand new outfit post ! 🙂




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