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Forever gone

Hey sweeties,

I didn’t had such a good day yesterday … I feel more and more marginalized by the way how things work around here. With the Belgian system being so defective and full of narrow minded people ( not all of course), I find myself in the situation of thinking that a change of country would be the best for me. Don’t get me wrong, Brussels (and other cities) have their charm and I really love the arty part, the cute cafés and restaurants, some lovely people. But the dark part of actually living here like discrimination and the system itself is not for me anymore I think. For instance, I felt so much more appreciated by other countries, like the US, England, Holland, Russia or Poland that I feel like these are the type of places that I must live in.

I’ll be starting to search for a new beginning cause I feel like I need it. It won’t be tomorrow or this year…maybe not even next year, but the plan is on :).

Anyway, enough drama and let’s get back to my outfit for today ! 

What I wore:

– BCBG MaxAzria clutch

So, I hope that at least you’ll like the look, sweeties ! It’s quite a feminine outfit and very easy to wear. 

I added a dress underneath as I felt the lower part matched my sweater perfectly ! 

“See” ya tomorrow !! 




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