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Feel like a brand new person

Hi sweeties,

A new week is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited ! I have lots and lots of awesome events to go to this week, so be sure to follow me on my Instagram for more insights.

Last night I slept with my teeth retainer on. It’s been awhile since I didn’t do that and I noticed my teeth going crazy. You know it’s been 3 years since I got my braces feels so unreal how much time has passed. Also, it’s super strange looking back at my old pics and seing my teeth crooked like that… I think it’s so cool that we can afford to do that nowadays, considering before even going to the dentist to treat a cavity was a fortune ( it still is in some cases ofc, but at least we have access to modern medicine).

Well, enough about teeth and more about fashion ! I have a brand new outfit post for you today that I just know you’ll love !


What I wore:

  1. Airydress bow shirt long sleeve mini A-line dress

  2. Asos fishnet socks

  3. Zara bag

  4. Jeffrey Campbell boots

  5. Michael Kors watch

So this is the look for today. It’s something totally comfy and cool, that you can wear on a daily basis.

Thank you for checking out the blog and hope to “see” you back tomorrow for a brand new outfit post !



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