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Fall colour trends - nail polish edition

Hi everyone,

New week ahead! Who's excited ? :)

I think it's safe to say that fall has taken its rightful place and we are now taking the jackets and boots out of the closet. Before I wasn't such a big fan of this season, but over the years, I have grown quite fond of it. I absolutely love the layering and don't get me started on fashion weeks. Since I love matching my nail colour to my outfit, I thought I'd share with you my favorite finds that match the trending fall colours for 2021.

I found a lot of beautiful nail polishes on the Notino website, so the search was very successful !


One brand that I absolutely love ( nail wise ) is Essie - It's a brand for salon professionals actually and it's one of the best brands for nail products in the world. It was launched in the early 80s and ever since, each year they stay on trend and have a wide range of colours to choose from for each event. The nail polish will stay on for a long time.

These are the 4 picks from Essie in colours that are very IN right now.

They're so pretty, right ?

In case these are not really your colours and you're more like the minimalistic/ earthy tone kinda person, well, I have a great find for you - Nails Inc. has a pack of 4 beautiful nail polishes in 4 different colours.


I love colours myself, but it's true that having a nail polish that is somehow toned down can be easier to match with your outfits. I'm really happy that they chose vivid colours to represent this fall's mood, but I also like my share of minimalistic nails. That's why I thought it would be nice to include this super cute set in the mix. You even have a shiny colour in there, just in case you're in a party mood. Little surprise: they're chocolate scented, hence the set's name: I like you a Choco-lot ! :)


And since we're in that 'beige' kinda mood, I couldn't help mentioning my all time favorite nail polish - Yves Saint Laurent - La Laque Couture ; I just acquired this here colour and I think it's fantastic !

The shade is called Beige Leger and you can also find it on the Notino website alongside other beautiful shades from the brand.

Thank you all for stopping by the blog. I hope you'll be having a fantastic week ahead !


Disclaimer : sponsored by Notino


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