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Die For You

Good evening ladies and gents,

It seems that this week passed by so quick that I didn't even realised it's been quite awhile since I last updated the blog. But that's ok. I'm also taking some time to sleep ... especially in the afternoons, now more than ever because I had some more free time on my hands with this pandemic going on. Some events were canceled, campaigns were put on hold... the only thing that kinda bothers me is that I could have used this time to actually start moving, but guess what? It's Belgium. And when it comes to administration, you have better luck finding a million dollar suitcase on the road rather than have everything in order paper wise .. and actually everything wise... One thing I'm happy about is the fact that I'm punctual. It gets me way ahead here because apparently deadlines aren't very popular here... so more work for me :) !

Anyway, I'm also back with a new outfit post ! I knew this one was quite popular when it was shared on my Instagram, so here are some more pics from it, more detailed ...and yes, you'd have to scroll down to check out what I'm wearing ;)

What I wore:

I'm quite happy of how these pictures came out ! As you can imagine, Chanel was my main source of inspiration. Even though Karl is no longer with us, I hope that Virginie Viard is going to do a great job. Her first collection without Karl by her side caused some critics, but also praise in the fashion community. I do like the SS20 collection ( ready-to-wear), but the Haute Couture wasn't my favorite...

Well, I wish you a great weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with a new OOTD actually so stay tuned !




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