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Dead Valley Lodge

Hey there ! How is everybody today?

When it’s passed Wednesday, I do consider the week as almost done. Wow, another week in January is finished and we are slowly going to the end of the first month of this year.

I mean time did fly quite quick in Namibia as well, even though everyone has another perception of time there, things being more chill, less stress and just savoring life surrounded by nature and lovely weather. The most “hot” part of our journey was definitely while visiting the Namib Desert. The oldest desert in the world, but also very big and quite dry…


We had a very memorable stay at Dead Valley Lodge, conveniently placed in Namib National Park, the best opportunity to stay in a luxury setting while gazing at the beautiful desert. Also, you can visit Sossusvlei and Deadvlei that are very close ( the lodge organises daily tours to take you there).

I put together a little video for the place here:


Dead Valley Lodge is composed of 20 luxury tented chalets with air-conditioning and before you say anything, the lodge is very ‘green’, filtering their water and having solar panels for energy. They even tend to the lovely animals surrounding the place. I saw how oryxes go and have a quick drink and some salt that the staff leaves outside.


This was my chalet, very very pretty ! You just have to love the interior decoration here.. it’s so fab ! I mean, it’s the perfect mix between luxury and still being connected to nature. You have a private bathroom as well with all the amenities you need.

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I think the best experience I had at my chalet was when, during the night, a beautiful oryx came to the porch… just like that.. just to say ‘hi’.. they’re so sweet and don’t worry, they won’t hurt you or anything, but they won’t let you pet them either, so it’s like a cool relationship in between. 🙂 I am such an animal lover and for me, this was the most exciting thing to have.. each day with the oryxes and then if you wonder further off, there are lots of other animals like ostriches, springbok, wildebeests.. etc. That and the fact that you are literally in the middle of the desert is a must-see !


Oh, and the food… what can I say about the food ? Did I gain weight there? Yes, I did… The food is delicious.. I don’t know where they found the chef, but they should never change him. I mean I am so picky and you all know that, but if they wouldn’t have that amazing setting and nature everywhere, then I would stay there for the food. I loved it so much, especially dinner was my favorite part of the day ! How amazing is eating some amazing food under a clear sky filled with stars ? If you are in search of doing a honeymoon in Namibia, this would definitely be the hotel to do it. We had all three meals included btw.


They also have a pool, of course, as if they didn’t had so many things.. amazing food, amazing nature, amazing interior decoration, amazing accommodation.. I would literally live there for the rest of my life, even though it’s far from the city ( and you know I’m a city type of person), but I would live there in a heartbeat ! 🙂


In case you are wondering, you also have a gas station nearby if you want to buy something and as the hotel is located in the National Park, there are some ( small) fees to pay if you want to stay there.

I wouldn’t know to tell you if I prefer the lodge during the evening or daytime… I wish I could have stay awake non-stop not to miss any moment of my stay there. “Unfortunately”, you sleep like a baby during the night so at about 10/11pm the latest, I was already asleep. It was such a great stay and it’s definitely a place where I would go back to anytime.

If you have any questions about the lodge, don’t hesitate to email me as per usual 🙂 .

Hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed writing it !

Have a great week aheand !



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