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David Lloyd

Good morning beauties,

Yet another week has started and I’m super excited to bring you a very special article today, something a tad different than fashion, but still very on vogue.

Last month I had the pleasure of trying out a lovely experience by David Lloyd club in Uccle, Brussels. Now this is more than a club, this is a lifestyle. You practically feel like home, but a very luxury home with wonderful staff and great service, all in a divine location that you’re about to discover. As usual, I did a little video for you to indulge with:


This club has everything you need, a large outside pool, two inside pools ( one for adults and one for children), an amazing jacuzzi ( that I couldn’t capture because there were always people inside sadly), three different types of sauna, a quiet room with heated beds, state of the art showers, a fully equipped gym where you can also book personal trainers if you need help with your workout, a special room where you can work either on your laptop or on theirs as the facility has a couple of iMacs to make your work easier, a beautiful restaurant in case you get hungry, a lovely terrace where you can enjoy some sun, football field, tennis court (actually there are two of those, one inside and one outside; the outside one can be also used nocturnal). As you can imagine, this is quite the big premisses and with endless facilities…


The workout part is even more interesting with numerous classes like hot yoga, zumba, pilates, body attack and my favorite, Blaze. Their concept is very cool and after a 45minute workout, you can burn up to 1000 calories ! Actually they have so many workout classes daily of all sorts that it’s impossible to get bored. You always have something to do ! I didn’t had time to do all of their workouts, but from the ones that I did, I can honestly say they were amazing and the coaches are passionated about their work. You have not two, but three locker rooms: one for men, one for women and one for families! How awesome is that? And the locker rooms are impeccable. You have everything you need, including hair dryers, shower amenities, toilets and even dryers for your swimsuit.


Naturally, the kids aren’t left out of the equation. There are lots and lots of activities for them as well, like swimming lessons, tennis and ballet lessons… everything your kid needs actually.

Trying not to leave out details, I saw there is also a lovely place where you can lay in the sun, outside, on top of the restaurant. From what I heard, in the summer they even do some yoga lessons on the grass there. It’s so nice and it’s definitely a place where you need to sign up to.


If you’re worried about parking your car, the club also has a convenient covered parking place just next to it, just below the tennis court.


Well, hope you enjoyed my little article and you can search for the David Lloyd club that is the nearest to you, as they have 98 clubs in the UK and 13 across Europe.





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