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Cyber Monday at Shopbop

Hello everybody,

How are you today ?

I bet you are all excited of the sales going on this Monday in particular as it is Cyber Monday ! YEY

What better day to make some last minute deals, just before the Holidays?

Maybe you were too busy for Black Friday, but here comes Cyber Monday to the rescue with some awesome deals. This deal that I’m sharing is particular is from your all time favorite platform, Shopbop 🙂


I think that this deal surpasses the Black Friday one as you have an additional 10% off on top of the Black Friday previous reduction.

Personally, I feel this is the best time to shop for a Holiday outfit… like a Christmas dinner or the New Year’s party look 🙂 . Knowing that, I already picked out a little look that I would like to share with you.

Sans titre
  1. The dress from LOVESHACKFANCY – this dress is so beautiful and stylish.. plus the print and design are quite unique.

  2. The clutch from Eddie Parker – Eddie is quite known for his fantastic bags& purses, but this clutch in particular is so cool and goes super well with the whole ensemble.

  3. The earrings from Gorjana – as the dress already has a print and it’s quite the center piece, I feel a more refined pair of earrings ( or jewelry in general) is required to add finesse and fine taste to the outfit.

  4. The shoes from Cult Gaia – I was pleasantly surprised to have picked the shoes from Cult Gaia, since they are more known for their bags ( the wooden bags to be more precise), but who would have thought these fashionable heeled sandals would end up being from them ?

So, I really hope you like my little selection here and there are even more to be found at Shopbop’s Cyber Monday sale ! I really trust you’ll find your perfect party look and I cannot wait to be back with more very soon xo




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