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Hi guys,

How are you this awesome Wednesday ? I had a little headache since this morning that I couldn’t shake until now, but I hope that tomorrow will be better and it will go away.

The day was quite busy and it still is actually… I will definitely sleep Friday afternoon cuz I’m beat ! Until then.. work work work !

I’m also back with a brand new outfit post… something that I just know you’ll absolutely love! I fell in love with my Sacha Shoes boots ever since I saw them and besides them, you can also find a lot of awesome sandals for summer !


What I wore:

  1. Asos dress

  2. Zara bag

  3. Sacha Shoes cowboy boots

I find this type of outfit so easy to wear and I really like how the whole thing just goes together… usually cowboy boots are in beige/camel, but here I think Sacha Shoes’ take on doing something trendy and fresh in this department is quite amazing ! That touch of fluo really completes the design.

The dress comes from Asos and I have it since forever… I think in real life it looks even better to be honest. I feel that the pictures aren’t doing it much justice. The thing is that I don’t keep clothes that much time, but this one I have it for like 4 years or so…  I still love it !

Hope you like my little outfit for today and I can’t wait to be back with more 🙂

Until then, stay fashionable and enjoy the summer ! 🙂




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