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Colorful Summer

Hello sweeties,

As you probably saw in my Instagram stories a couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to see for myself how Pixels products are, how the platform works and what to expect as a buyer/seller. Moreover, I think I’ve stumbled upon a good moment to try out their stuff, as they had a wide range of beach products just coming out.

To know more about Pixels and what they stand for, you can check out this link.

I chose a pack (of the two available ones) and this is what I got:

– two super cute coffee mugs

– two external battery chargers for your phone ( btw I actually tried one of them and it’s amazing! It charges your phone 2x times!)

– pouches for your belongings; perfect to go to the beach with or to take them on your travels)

– a beach tote; quite big to fit all your stuff !

– towels towels towels! great quality, super big, amazing print and not to mention, good for beach and bathroom ! 

– now these round beach towels are my faves, especially the pineapple one ! How pretty ?! They are humongous and when my mom saw them, she was also impressed telling me that the fringe detail they have is practically gone today; super high quality ! LOVE THEM and will surely take them in my vacay 🙂

I really love that, at Pixels, you can choose form soooo many designs and prints that is practically crazy ! Everyone can find something cool whenever 🙂

Really hope you liked my little article on this great platform that sets you up for summer and not only…




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