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Good afternoon beauties,

I’m happy to have a spare hour on my hands so that I can tell you all about my trip in Corsica with Clarins that I did in mid-September.

Besides the beautiful sceneries and breathtaking moments that I spent in Corsica, we also had the chance to discover some pretty awesome products, including the new Fall collection make-up !

These three little products are the highlight of the season. It’s difficult to chose a favorite actually as they are each solid fab. The eye-liner is waterproof and very easy to apply. The Joli Rouge Graduation lipstick has this awesome feature that you can make your lips ombre ( I do suggest taking the 803 shade as you can perfectly see that ombre effect). And of course, you have the mascara that has a supra volume effect on your lashes – spoiler though, I love the top on coat mascara with golden particules that will make your lashes shine 🙂 . I tried to find it on their website, but I don’t think it’s there yet so I’m just gonna add a little photo of my own here below so you have a better idea –


This is something you definitely want for Christmas/New Year’s Eve. I rocked it as well at the Hotel Hubert opening last Friday and I got a lot of compliments 🙂 .

Moreover, to have your make-up complete, here below you have a super fab foundation from Clarins called Skin Illusion, which is fluid as a serum actually and has an oil base, but not the greasy type of oil to be more precise.


It’s like a second skin and it’s so light to “wear”. Of course, it also has SPF that I always suggest to everyone – pick products with SPF, it’s very important ! I also heard that the Everlasting Cushion foundation is also a must try so that will def be my next one 🙂 .


In another day we did a little workshop in the mountains of Corsica, that after taking a lovely nature walk and learning more about plants and everything. Clarins thrives in having plant based products, like the double serum ( anti-age), that seems to be very effective and one of the brand’s star products.

As long as I’m in this pampering section, I do have a little memo I must add for these amazing body oils that smell terrific and leave your skin so soft and just glowing with happiness.

IMG_5631 2

I had a really nice massage just at the sea side and it was so relaxing and great ! I know they also have a spa in Brussels. I need to try that as well ! ❤

The press trip ended with a fabulous gala dinner that we totally enjoyed. That was also the moment we discovered the Skin Illusion foundation I was speaking about earlier and everything in the company of a talented magician, a fabulous decor and wonderful atmosphere.

I really do hope you liked my little article and I will try to put together a quick video on my YouTube channel soon as I have some pretty neat things to show !

Have a lovely day ahead!




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