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Chromo Io S21®

Hi guys,

How are you this Monday ?

I’m finally back from my vacation and I’m so happy that I have prepared all my posts for last week in advance because the WIFI at the hotel was simply dreadful. In a way, that was ok cause I had the opportunity to rest a bit more and mentally prepare for the new season.

I think that how we think influences a lot our bodies. Today, I wanted to present a new concept ( well, semi-new for me as electro stimulation is around for awhile now), but along with light stimulation it is indeed something quite new to me.

This treatment is carried by Ayanna Beyond Beauty center who also has the endosphère therapy and cryo-lipolysis treatments. Two subjects I have approached in the past and two treatments that I am also currently doing. Please be advised that this doesn’t replace sports. If you want to have the best results, I suggest you have a good diet and also do some sports.

Anyhow, back to CHROMO IO S21 therapy – Chromo Io S21® exceeds the aesthetics limit: customizable colours beyond the borders and muscle stimulation programs. The use of the full range of colours allows to act on specific body and spirit problems, to correct physical disharmonies, in order to regain psychophysical balance in a natural way.

Different problems, different colors to solve them. You need to be perceptive to this type of color therapy as it is also an exercise of the mind.

The device itself looks like this:


The light color therapy works on both body/face and mind.

This program is perfect if yo are suffering from wrinkles, premature aging, stretch marks, scars and muscle problems, tiredness, lack of energy, irritability, etc.

Other than the color light part of the treatment, you will have patches with wave currents to help your muscle firm, slim and even rejuvenate your face.

There are 6 types of wave currents :

  1. Wave 21 – great for lymphatic drainage

  2. Rectangular – weight-loss program with a 1-4 inch loss from the very first session

  3. Isometric + – 80% firming and 20% slimming

  4. Isometric –   – 100% firming program

  5. Kotz – deep muscle toning for a lifting effect

  6. Triangular – stimulation and vibration to recover skin tone; perfect program for activating collagen and elastin synthesis


For me it felts as if I did an intense workout at the gym. You can immediately feel the muscle working after. And all of this after just one session ! I would like to try and do more so I can form myself a better opinion of the light program as well as seing fab results.

To be honest, it’s one of the most effective devices if you are into passive sport. I did something very similar back when I was in Romania (without the color light) and I can say that I was very satisfied with the device.


Combing it with other devices is also a perfect solution to have a quick result.

I am a fan of all the devices that Ayanna Beyond Beauty center has to offer !

For more info you can always contact them at:

Ayanna Beyond Beauty center

Rue Marianne 2, Uccle, Brussels, Belgium

Phone nr: +32478081230



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