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Chilling off

Hello, my loves!

Today was such a busy busy day.. I had to plan my trip and do all sorts of errands around the city, so it wasn’t until now that I had a few minutes off to post my outfit that I wore today.

Now, I won’t lie to you: the weather changed a little today. We had a little rain and everything, but temperatures are still ok. 🙂

It wasn’t such a big of a problem for me cause I got the change to wear this cool jumpsuit that I have from Palma de Mallorca. ^^

Tomorrow I’ll be out to continue the madness and I don’t know if I’ll have some time left to post something. Normally, I have an awesome post prepared for you on Thursday, but I won’t say more and ruin the surprise. The thing is that I’ll be on the road and everything, but I wanted something to post while I’m not here. I’ve been working for a while now on the article, so I hope you’ll like it ^^

But enough of that right now, it’s time to reveal you today’s outfit 😀

What I wore:

– Jumpsuit from local store in Palma de Mallorca ( loving this one as well)

– Bershka shoes

– Guess hat

– Zara sunglasses

My departure is so soon, so be sure to follow me on my social networks so you can keep up on updates 🙂




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