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Call me Katherine

Happy Halloween, sweeties! 

I’m actually feeling a lot better today. I didn’t get out of bed yet, but I feel my strength came back to me 💘. Therefore, I’m back with a new post, something special for this big holiday ! 

I was wondering if I should do something scary or not, but then I thought I’ll do something glam and at the same time like 1% scary, so I chose to be Katherine Pierce this Halloween.

I’ll always remain a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and plus, who can resist a victorian inspired dress?

This place is amazing, right? You’ve probably saw it awhile ago on my Instagram. Alden Biesen is such a beautiful castle and it was a pleasure shooting there; totally accurate for my “story telling”.

If you’re wondering what I’m wearing, just know that the victorian renaissance dress comes from Lightinthebox , as does the holding organza skirt underneath.

Really hope you like my look for Halloween, guys! It was more a character impersonating rather than  scary , but still a vilain inspired look. 🙂

“I’m Katherine Pierce. I survive.”


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