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C&A – Fall/Winter collection

Hi guys,

I’m super happy I had a moment to share with you my latest trip in Dusseldorf where I was able to check out in exclusivity the new Fall/Winter collection for C&A.


I remember C&A from when I was young and back then, it was seen in Romania like a « luxury » brand as not many people could afford it. The years passed and C&A was the place people with more classic taste would go to…so for me, it kinda stopt there as I was still in my early 20s.

Now, right now, I’m happy to see a more youthful/fashionable approach. First of all, the styling was AMAZING ! I really loved the layering play and mixing of textures and prints.

I felt as a part of the woman’s collection was quite rich chic. For me, rich chic equals Blair Waldorf… berets, pastels, that girly Constance girl with class and sass.

And then, of course, you have some lace feelings and more dark tones; and glitter, don’t forget the glitter. 🙂

I saw some leopard print being used in some ensembles. I found it quite daring to mix it with tartan. That was something new even for me ! But I’m happy to see them integrate this trendy pattern nonetheless.


All in all, the collection is one to be expected with joy the coming season. I really hope I’ll find the statement pieces I fell in love with. 🙂

Oh, and the show was of course, AMAZING !!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little article and stay tuned cause I’ll be back with even more exciting news !




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