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C&A – AW19/20 collection

Hello everyone,

Now I know we barely have spring/summer back, but since I have went about a week ago to check the new AW19/20 C&A collection in Dusseldorf, I just have to share with you their latest novelties and trends !

C&A has changed a lot over the years and we’ve changed alongside them as well. Their style is more young, more interesting, more trendy.

The new collection has risen up to expectations as well, of course.

A lot of unexpected pattern/fabric mixes and youthful vibe has C&A reinventing themselves to hit the markets next autumn.

The show started on a very adolescent tone, with neon colors and funky jackets.

Continuing the young theme, they presented some very cool ideas for school outfits that I found quite lovely.


I think they put the accent a lot on red and black/grey for this collection and created some stylish looks. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this combo, but I still love it in checked print 🙂 – definitely a winner !


And then, of course, a playful styling of more earthy tones like ocré was on display within the catwalk and the padded oversized jacket was also a must-have piece.


I couldn’t possibly shoot all the outfits, but I did manage to get a cute picture of one of my favorite ones !


This two-piece is LIFE ! The color, the design and the fabric are absolutely amazing and I just can’t wait to autumn to get my hands on these amazing pieces 🙂


Thank you again, C&A for having me and I’m so ready for Fall now 🙂 !



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