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Broken People

Hello sweeties,

Hope you are all having a great week ( minus the weather here in Belgium). I’m back with a new awesome outfit post that I just know you’ll love ! I’ve been working all day and in the verge of shooting my NY look, alongside my make-up tutorial for that particular evening… maybe will do even a hair tutorial with everything so it looks great. I planning on publishing that tomorrow so hope you’ll stand by to check it out! 

As for this evening, I’m just brining you the usual OOTD with a special dedication to all of you out there who’ve been following me since the beginning, who supported me and who stood by me every step of the way – it’s almost time to pass into a new year, a year, I hope, will bring you joy and peace, wisdom and strength to get by any obstacle along the way ! 

What I wore:

– Mango wide woolen pants

– Romwe bag

So, how do you like this OOTD?

Wishing you a cool Friday xo




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