Good morning beauties,

As I don’t have a lot of “me time”, I try to supplement that by staying up late. A habit I wish to remove soon because that means less hours of sleep which is not good.

I just cannot wait to go on vacation! I just want to take some time off and get away from this place…. by the nature of my “job”, sometimes it becomes  like a wasp’s nest. I need to travel, see new places and clear my head ^_^ .

How about you? Are you the travelling type ?

If you are the fashion type, then you’ll adore the look I have instored for you today !

What I wore:

  1. mbyM floral pants

  2. Jacquemus shoes

  3. Roccobarocco bag

  4. Prada sunglasses

  5. FashionMia shirt 

Since I got a lot of compliments last Monday, I thought I should shoot this lovely outfit and share it with you today.  I believe this is like those high society looks, especially due to my shirt with frill collar.

Would you like something like this ?



#belgianblogger #fashionlook #ootdsummer2018 #stylistinbrussels


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