Bella ciao

Hi everyone,

Wow, I'm so shocked, I haven't posted that much lately here on the blog... I guess I didn't had the energy to do it. I actually took some supplements for energy as I find myself lately wanting to sleep more and more each day...

Nonetheless, I did continue shooting for my Instagram because it's in a way easier and I do earn more from that than my blog. It's sad, but it's true. I've been thinking of ways I would turn a bit the blog's dynamic, so integrating more interesting lifestyle and deco articles is a serious option I'm considering.

But until then, I'm leaving you with a cute OOTD, as you are used to :)








What I wore:

I hope you like this look and I hope to be more active in August :) ( I'm actually going on a vacation next week, so that would be again a leap of absence ).

Enjoy your week xo


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