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Armani perfumes

Good afternoon everyone,

How was your Monday ? After having such a busy week last week, I’m mentally preparing for new adventures, new projects and new collaborations !

Since the weather isn’t by our side, today’s post will be on a more posh subject, namely perfumes. And to be more precise, I decided to share more with you about Armani perfumes…. their history, legacy and of course, my favorite scents from the big house.

I’m also very happy to let you know that Notino holds also a lot of wonderful perfumes from Armani and also at very competitive prices !

So, let’s start with a little history. As you may know, in 1975, Giorgio Armani founds his fashion house and it’s not until 1981 that the Armani house launches its first ever perfume – Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills, but a 100% branded one was launched in 1982 and it had  the simple name – Armani. 1984 was the year when Armani fragrance for men appeared on the market and of course, many after that, both for men and women.

In 2004, the brand branched a more exclusive and luxurious segment, Armani Privé with its first fragrance, Ambre Soie.

I do have some favorites and least favorites in their range, but my all time fave would have to be Sì ( each and every one of their launches ) .


I believe they have about 4 Sì perfumes, but the red one, Sì Passione is the one I currently have and I absolutely adore the smell. It’s like this floral-fruity smell, very sweet and feminine. Plus, it lasts quite long.

Of course, Armani prides itself with having amazing perfumes for men and I must say that a huge success was Stronger with YOU, one of Armani’s launches last year.


As you may remember, I featured this perfume on my Instagram, alongside the one for her. It’s a nice perfume, of course, but I always will prefer Sì for myself 🙂


What’s your favorite perfume from Armani ?

I’m very curious 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to check the blog and I can’t wait to be back with more awesome posts xo.




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