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Active ingredient - thermal water

Hello everyone,

Summer seems to be reaching its end here in Belgium, well, there wasn't actually a real summer to begin with, so let's just call it an early fall now, should we ?

I did had the opportunity to go to the seaside about a week ago, and gosh, does my skin feel dry right now. Because I always tend to use thermal water based products in the period after sun exposure/ summer, I thought I'd do a little top of my favorite 3 products that I absolutely love ! Of course, you can find quite the vast selection on the Notino website.


I particularly chose these 3 brands because they have so many products based on thermal water. Now thermal water is actually water taken from natural springs. It's proven to have great benefits to your skin, making your skin softer and smoother thanks to the common soluble minerals that the water contains ( like bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, etc).


La Roche-Posay is one of those brands that uses thermal water on a regular basis for its products.

Here, I wanted to put some light on this fabulous treatment, the Effaclar Duo + corrective anti-recurrence treatment against skin imperfections and acne marks. It acts against skin imperfections and helps prevent unwanted acne marks.


Another product I chose to share with you is the Aqualia Thermal light moisturising cream for sensitive normal to mixed skin from Vichy, that provides skin with the necessary dose of hydration, soothes it and leaves the skin soft and silky.

It's quite the lovely day cream to have even for a daily normal use.


I'm sure you heard of Avène, a great brand that has lots of amazing products based on thermal water as well.

A hydrating cream for dry skin is always a good idea.

Hydrance from Avène's Eau Thermale range is a face cream, very rich in shea butter so your dry skin can benefit at maximum from these great active ingredients.

Key results: Hydration, Soothing, Nourishing

So, I hope you like my little article on products that are thermal water based. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me :)

Thank you for passing by the blog and I wish you all an amazing week ahead!



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