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About cocktail dresses

Good evening beauties,

I’m actually having a quick break this Sunday evening because I finished watching the last episode of Riverdale that is out there. Watching series in Fall/Winter is so lovely… and I forgot how nice it is to have some time for yourself and just to cuddle in bed. Unfortunately next week is going to be hectic so I’m distracting myself by writing a quick article on cocktail dresses and what new designs are hip ( from my point of view that is).

I must say, but sometimes I have the feeling that we have more soirées planned in Fall than in Summer… and ladies, you have the opportunity to rock some of the most amazing dresses out there right now.. I mean this selection that I made is so cool, that you’re gonna want to buy everything !


This is my little selection of cocktail dresses that I managed to put together. I really love each and everyone of them and I hope you do too ! 🙂

I’m going to probably take some time off because of my busy schedule next week, but I am planning to go live with a YouTube video for the new Steampod from L’Oréal so stay tuned ! 🙂




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