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Hey sweeties,

Since I have a spare moment this evening, I wanted to tell you a bit about IOMA, an amazing skincare brand from Paris, founded by Jean Michel Karam in 2008. Now his studies and expertises in the field are quite known and actually maybe you don’t realize it, but he even invented devices for dermatologists which is quite impressive ! All in all, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands as his purpose in life is slowing down the age process as long as he can.

Returning to my lovely products, I’m the proud owner of the night cream, one that is made for me and me only. At Planet Parfum you can have a free skin diagnostic that will allow the device there to make a cream just for you, a process that takes just a couple of minutes, as the recipients there are mixing the ingredients you need for your “tailored” cream. I chose the night one as I wasn’t using one at the time and I thought it would be interesting.


You can follow up your treatment with another diagnostic when your cream is finished. They store your skin data, like the pros they are. With them, it’s all about science.

Another product that I just love from IOMA is the youth booster, something that I apply just before doing my make-up as I feel it refreshens my skin, as well as hydrating it. Obviously, it has also anti-aging action.


If you’re curious about the little device on top of the youth booster, well, know that it’s a hydration sensor to indicate your skin’s hydration level. And furthermore, the same technology is currently being used on Mars to find water on the planet. Pretty neat, huh? 🙂

Last, but not least, the flash eye contour is now a part of my IOMA family. It supposes to conceals dark circles and puffiness, and prevents slackening eyelids. As it’s a new addition and did not yet tested it, I’ll be updating the article once it’s done. But as I saw the other products from IOMA, I bet this one will be extraordinary as well !


My eyes are in a really bad shape, so this product is very welcomed… as them all ! 🙂


All the IOMA products are available at Planet Parfum, so don’t hesitate to give them a try ! They sell results to people, not promises 😉


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