Good morning everyone,

I’m at the airport now, heading back to Belgium and since I have an hour left until boarding begins, I’ve figured I should do a little post on my new bag from Kipling and how well it fits the outfit that I had instored for you today 🙂 .

The ‘Transformation Collection’ features adaptable bags in a gender-neutral color palette that centre around key Kipling concepts of personality and individuality and that’s not all ! I love the functionality and not to mention the great quality that Kipling has always honored us with since like forever. The bag’s utility, design and color makes it one of my fave travel bags ( like the ones that you carry on in the plane ), but also a fab urban bag to have with you all time. Plus, it can transform from a handbag to a backpack ! I wore it as both during my stay in Romania. 🙂

If you want to check what I’m wearing, just scroll down.

What I wore:

  1. Femme Luxe two piece sports suit

  2. Kipling TSUKI S in White

  3. Adidas sneakers

So this is the outfit that was a perfect match with my new bag. Even the sneakers were a perfect fit for the whole thing. I wanted to do a more sporty-casual look and the pictures were taken at a beautiful historical place in my native city, Tîrgoviste.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check the blog and can’t wait to be back with more soon xo.



Disclaimer: Paid partnership with Kipling

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