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Good morning everyone ! 

Yesterday was a holiday here in Belgium and I thought to go and check out the flower carpet in Grand Place, which usually is in the actual location of the Square. Well, this year they’ve moved it somehow inside with an entry fee of 7€ (where normally is free). I mean 3€ would have been more than sufficient seing that normally the carpet was accessible to the public for free, but 7€?! I mean, come on… it’s just for some flowers. A little bit over the top, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, enough about “business”, let’s get down to fashion and for that, I have a brand new outfit post instored for you today!

What I wore:

– Zara basic

– Mango bag

– Get 10%-20% off at Zaful with this code: ZafuIns –

What do you think about this cute look? Would it be something you’d wear ?

See ya pretty soon 😉




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