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Hi guys,

I had such an amazing day today…went on a shopping spree at two outlets. I didn’t find much, but I’m super happy with what I found and I’m actually refraining myself of buying too much stuff before the Sales period! I’m super impatient until July hahaha 😀

Anyway, talking about outlets and designers and super cool stuff, I have an awesome look for you today! I had the infinite pleasure of wearing one of Taiwan’s most popular designer brands dresses, namely 7crash. Founded in Taipei by Enchi Shen, 7crash has brought to me style, design and quality all in one fabulous dress from their latest SS16 collection. I truly love this dress as it’s super comfy to wear and easily styled. You can wear it with both heels or sneakers/or flat sandals. I worn it this time with heels, my super chic white sandals that I love so much and for the accessories, I had a cool bracelet from Rings& Tings and also an ear cuff (from Rings& Tings as well)

Well, if I made you curious enough, then I hope you’ll enjoy my short video and some cool pics that I’ve managed to put together:

What I wore:

– 7crash dress 

– Zara bag& shoes

– Rings&Tings bracelet

– Rings&Tings ear cuff

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I await you tomorrow for yet another awesome look ! 😀



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