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5 products every man should try

Hello everyone,

A new day, a new week and shortly a new month is upon us !

I feel that we are well into Fall and would love to have a tad more boost of energy nowadays.. I think this is one of the things I miss most about Romania - the light. Sun is always shining there even though it can be very cold.

But today it's not going to be about the weather or my memories from my homeland, today it's about a topic that I normally don't really discuss that often (although I should), today it's all about men and more specifically 5 men beauty products that I personally think, men should try :-) .

I must know. I've been living with one for quite awhile now ;-)


I did a top 5 because let's face it, men aren't that interested in doing a full skin routine or having lots of products, so I stuck to the basics.


I think this is literally the most important of them all, the Alpecin shampoo. It's not men only ( or so I think as my little cousin uses it as well and she's quite happy with it). I picked the Coffein one as it's very good to stimulate hair growth, but Alpecin has a lot of different products and you can find the majority on the Notino site ( as well as the other chosen products for today's article).


Biotherm is quite the popular brand and my boyfriend discovered it through me actually as I have worked several times with this awesome brand in the past and he has happy to try their men range.

Here I have picked the Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo-Thermal care which is basically a very hydrating cream ( for day time, but you know men, they'll use it for both day and night).

It has an amazing concept behind: cooling down the skin with 2 degrees Celsius so that the Life Plankton ingredient can better penetrate and hydrate the skin. It leaves the skin nice and soft ;) .


But maybe I should have put this products before the day cream :)

It's so important to exfoliate the skin, especially because men have thicker skin and more exposed to blackheads and impurities, many of them working in environments that aren't quite 'clean'.

So, here you have the CLARINS MEN exfoliating cleanser ! It cleans the skin very well, eliminating all impurities and leaving the skin even, ready for a good cream.


If you'd like to stick to the same brand, I also chose here a line-control balm, perfect for men after 35, that has an anti-aging effect, fighting against wrinkles.

You can definitely apply it after the exfoliating cleanser, or even after a normal cleaning of the skin.

When applying it, you can give your face a little massage as well.


And going back to hair/bodycare, I picked VICHY HYDRA MAG C as a must-have shower gel ( for both body and hair if you don't like having one too many products).

Moreover, this is no ordinary shower gel, but one specially conceived for men who have sensitive skin. ( and trust me, there are many !)

The magnesium and Vitamin C help to boost up your skin, all while respecting the natural PH of your skin !

A little wonder to have in your shower and also a lovely design.

So that concludes my article for you, dear men, I hope you'll find what you're looking for and if you like this article, don't hesitate to write to me so I can write more in the future xo

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a beautiful Monday evening xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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