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/NOM Lodge& Safaris

Hello everyone,

I cannot even try to understand where the week passed so fast… I’m simply chocked !

I feel I did so many things this week, but I couldn’t get through with all of it… for that I do miss the African way, so much more chill and less stress and deadlines 🙂 – I have a new article about the accommodation that I have chosen for the last part of my stay – /NOM Lodge& Safaris– a beautiful lodge situated close to Etosha National Park, surrounded by endless land and a lot of lovely animals…

I was lucky enough to be amongst the first people to visit this beautiful place and might I say, I loved it from the first minute. It’s this mix of luxury and nature that completely amazes me. From my bed I could actually see how this little birdie was building its nest throughout the 4 days that we stayed there.


Since it was just after New Year’s and the fact that the lodge is fairly new, the staff wasn’t much around, but the owners were and we really got the exclusive tours and care that I was really happy to experience.

created by dji camera

About the lodge: /NOM is actually the name of a tree that grows on the property and from what I understood, giraffes loves it ! That’s why you can also enjoy some sightseeing on the land there, even if you go just for a walk, you can spot quite a lot of animal, giraffes being also amongst them. And yes, I have spotted some myself 🙂 .


I stayed in one of the rooms at the lodge and there are some luxury tents also being built. I liked my room just fine.. the view was amazing too ! I mean I could stay there forever and just enjoy nature at its finest. Since our visit was during their summer period, the land had experienced some rain and everything was flourishing … such a beautiful sight to see !


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Besides organizing sightseeing within the lodge’s perimeter, the owners also do daily excursions and even longer ones. I managed to visit the Himba tribe ( which I didn’t like that much, but I’ll explain in my article dedicated to Namibia ), and the Cheetah farm that I absolutely adored and recommend 100% !


I also loved the lodge’s design.. I would say it was a modern African style deco with western influences. The lodge itself is very “green” , having solar panels for electricity and well water, with a recycled system.


The most beautiful spot to watch the sunset… at the fire pit ! A lovely evening even when it’s raining.. we were able to capture the exact moment when lightening stroke ! How amazing is that ?

I hope you enjoyed my post and video for /NOM lodge and I cannot wait to start my official articles on our travel in Namibia now ! 🙂

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