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Ziito design

Hello sweeties,

I’m having a free moment that I would like to spend making a special post for you ! 

I know my room blogpost is taking like forever to put together, but I thought to do a Christmas special ! What do you think? 

Choosing the right pieces of furniture can sometimes take forever. As a blogger, I receive a lot of stuff, so the famous clothing rack is indispensable ! I chose mine from Ziito. A clothing rack that’s made of steel, so quite suitable for holding a big tone of clothes lol. 

The fact that it’s minimalistic, is also a big plus because it’s very simple to integrate with any room.

I love that’s also super easy to put together ! I always ask my boyfriend to assemble my stuff, but this is so easy to do it yourself ! 

Very happy to have something to hang my cute dresses from Denzoli !

Don’t forget to check out the other arrangement pieces that Ziito has, very good quality stuff at affordable prices that will last you a lifetime ! The one that I have can be found here




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