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YSL Beauty

Hello everyone,

How is your summer going?

I can't believe that so many days have passed without publishing anything on the blog. I'm shocked ! It may be also because I was over busy with the house ( again ), and since I'm blocked on Instagram, I thought I should take a little break from social media :)

Nevertheless, this morning I woke up with a big wish - to write a little article on one of my favorite brands - Yves Saint Laurent. Well, actually the article is about the beauty division of the brand rather than the fashion one. As a little history recap, Yves Saint Laurent was a French designer who established his fashion brand back in 1961. YSL Beauty is actually owned by the L'Oréal group ^_^ - this was just a quick memo because now I want to speak about the magnificent make-up that I have discovered from Yves Saint Laurent on Notino !

And speaking about Notino, know that there is an amazing sale going on - the Summer Black Friday sale ( -20% off a lot of your favorite brands xo )



Here I have listed my favorites from their range, all of them being "classics", except for the central piece, which is a limited edition eye-shadow palette that I find absolutely fabulous and the colours are spectacular !


So let's start with the palette then. The Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette Eye Contouring is definitely a state of the art mix of amazing colours for all seasons. The fact that it's a special edition makes it even more mandatory to have ! :)

The colours are suitable for both night and day in case you were wondering.


The Yves Saint Laurent Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain is a long stay gloss that gives your lips a fuller aspect.

At the same time, your lips stay hydrated and soft.

It comes in a lot of shades to choose from ;)

What good mascara do they have?


Well, I've been using their Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Radical for awhile now and I must say that I find it quite good. The brush is, in my opinion, very handy. It takes a sufficient amount of product and I really like the volume effect that it gives your lashes.


The Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch is my all time favorite concelear from YSL ! It's so easy to apply and it doesn't dry out like other concelears tend to do ...

Definitely a classic product when it comes to this brand :) .


And from the same Couture collection, here's a wonderful eyeliner in case you're searching for one - the Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eyeliner - a fabulous product rich in colour and very intense, available in 4 shades :)

Well, that's about it for today!

I hope you enjoyed this little article and I can't wait to be back with more xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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