Who has TYME?

Hi guys,

Seing that the weather outside hasn’t been quite sunny lately and we had a rigorous amount of rain pouring these last few days, I thought this would be the perfect time to focus more on my videos and my YouTube channel that I’ve totally missed.

Since you’re all wondering how I’m doing my hair and make-up, I wanted to do a video and show-off my “skills” lol.

Sorry for the nails btw, I have an appointment this week… 😩

Also, I would like to talk a bit more about my new tool, a brand new concept that will mesmerise you  ! It can straighten and curl, but it’s not your usual iron, this one is pretty special and efficient too.

I’ll leave all the instructions below on how to use it and everything and do keep in mind that TYME, the brand that created this hot tool, is also launching in Europe their own line of hair products, so I can’t wait to see that 🙂 ! I made a little “Get ready with me” video to show you how I do my make-up and hair when I get ready to go out.