When in Rome…

Hi, guys!

Well, this post is not about just the marvelous city of Rome, but Vatican as well. But seing that I’ve visited them both this summer, I thought I’d “integrate” the two into one post :). Vatican is not that big, so yeah…here you have a little insight on my trip to Rome (and Vatican). 

There are so many great spots in Rome to visit, not just because the brilliant architecture that was a delight for the eyes, but as well for the many shops on those little streets that a car would never fit into. 🙂

Rome is always crowded, that’s for sure. But the city has many things to offer. Being my first time there, I did what any tourist would do, and visited the important spots. It was a total blast, but oh-so-tiring for my feet cause you have a lot to visit and for me, the time was super short. But enough words, and let the pictures talk about my little Rome adventure this past summer ( July 2014).

Why I’m posting it now? Cause it’s super rainy outside and I’m in a “writer” mood and knowing that on my travel articles I’m a bit late, I thought I’d start from where I left off last time. 

Hope you enjoy though 😀

– Piazza Venezia and the view from the top – 

– Roman Forum –

– view from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo and inside the castle-

– Colosseum –

– Saint Peter Square, Vatican-

– within St. Peter church, Vatican-

– fabulous painting from the Sistine Chapel –

– Fontana di Trevi  (closed for renovations, as you can see…)

– Pantheon 

– this is one of those streets that I simply love ! –

– a couple of photos from the Zoo in Rome, which I totally recommend visiting if you have time –

I have many other photos, as you can imagine, but I don’t want to bore you nevertheless.

I can advise to take like 5 days minimum so you can enjoy every bit of this marvelous city. I stood there just over the weekend, but I didn’t see everything there is seeing, so yeah, I think 5 days is enough. 

Plus you can enjoy their magnificent cuisine

As for the fashionable part of the post, here you have my fave outfit for my trip to Rome. Of course, I had like three, but this is my favorite:

What I wore:

– Michael Kors dress

– Stradivarius sandals

– Mango purse

So, I really hope you like my little escapade to Rome. 🙂

I hope to be back soon with another travel story.