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What is left of the night?

Hi, loves!

With only 1 degree outside, I feel like any second now it will begin to snow. The good part is that the sun is shining, so I can still take advantage of my afternoon walks. Today, I had this awesome two piece bandage dress that is quite perfect for this time of the year cause its fabric is thick and it keeps you warm. My dress comes from Lady Go Fashion and it’s a great fit ( I wear XS).

As you know I’m rewatching Gossip Girl whenever I have a free moment, and I would like to share this great tune I’ve “stolen’ from the show, along with today’s look:

What I wore:

– Lady Go Fashion bandage two piece dress ( find it here)

– Versace heels

– Zara faux fur vest

– Zara clutch

– Morgan de toi gloves

So, how do you like this outfit? Can’t wait to read your opinions. 🙂




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