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Vogue inspired look

Hi, guys!

Still in Palma here (at least I hope, lol wrote this before). You know I always wonder- what if something were to happen to me? It would be so strange for everyone when these pre-written posts would go live.:) I know, I know.. I have a big imagination and rather sick mind, but you must admit that there is a little truth in there. lol , so you better follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to make sure that I’m ok 😀

As you can probably deduct from the title, today’s outfit/look is inspired from this month’s Vogue issue, where on the cover a romanian model shows her unforeseen beauty. I must admit that when I found out one of my co-nationals has her photo on the cover of Vogue Paris, I rushed down to the post and bought the magazine. Now it serves as a handy mouse pad, so I can look at her and say to myself that “nothing is impossible !”

But the issue itself is rather inspiring.. among with the same old publicity that literary covers the entire page, I found some inspirations from the shootings that are especially done for the magazine. If you saw the June Vogue Paris issue, you can already sense my inspiration. Well, I’m no Vogue model, but I try my best to style the clothes I have in to a more wearable fashion.

What other groove, right?

What I wore:

– Zara heels

– Zara jeans

– Jennyfer jacket

– Zara bag

PersuunMall claw bracelet ( get your own here)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! 




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