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Via K&co

Coco Chanel once said ” A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future “.

I wouldn’t go that far, but I am a strong believer in one’s scent. Involuntary memory is also triggered by scents and to have a signature perfume that defines who you are in the eyes of the world is quite captivating. As with fashion, I’m also a lover of many scents, many wonderful perfumes that, let’s face it, we are happy to have access to.

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Carolina ( Miss Boucle Noire ) invited me with her for a spectacular event where I had the opportunity to hear some great stories, discover new concepts and brands and also to try some lovely perfumes.

Via K&co , home of some luxury brands you may not be so familiar with has launched in 2005 and ever since, they have been doing distribution of luxury perfumes and other beauty brands in Belgium.

Today I would like to present to you, young reader, all about these awesome perfumes and products that I have tested myself and with whom I fell so in love …

  1. From Amouage, a luxury brand coming straight from Oman, comes two novelties – Imitation and Love Tuberose. My personal favorite is this last one as it brings you into the luxurious life of the Arabian Peninsula… a place full of mystery and wealth. Imitation was inspired by New York in the 70s.

BO boîte+flacon

  1. Luxury brand from Australia, Goldfield & Banks has launched Southern Bloom, Bruny Island, Tasmania, something rare, fresh & flowery that contains rare flowers from the depths of a forgotten island in Tasmania. It ranks up as one of my favorite perfumes

  1. With two perfumes “on the loose”, Juliette has a gun has managed to launch two different scents with powerful impact on your senses. It would be difficult to choose one as both are different, yet fabulous at the same time.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words… and a perfume in this case ! Olfactive Studio has quite an interesting concept, turning images into perfumes ! Their dedication to the perfume industry and product quality has made them a luxury brand with a twist, a photo twist that is 🙂 . Even though it is concluded as a perfume for one’s self, I can actually see the Leather Shot as that missing scent from your classic Porsche 😉 .

  1. Percival and Delina , royal essences from Marly, where the eternal luxe stays eternal in the elegance of race horses. For me, these are perfumes concluded for royalty. Regal. Classic. Timeless.

Acqua di Scandola
STARCK_Peau de Lumière Magique 90ml Packshot low
  1. From Starck I actually had the pleasure of receiving two perfumes, Peau de Lumière and Peau de Nuit Infinie. I can honestly say that both of them smell incredible and they do have a great packaging as well from what you can see.

  1. On a more non-perfume related subject, I also tested EviDenS de Beauté and KOH, one being a half Japanese – half French brand, while the other is a 100% Japanese brand. Both beauty brands with incredible products, while still holding on to the luxury sense that Via K&co holds dearly through its reputation.

To be understood that there are many more brands to discover at Via K&co, these here being what I had the pleasure to test and review a bit for you here.

IF you would like to see all these wonderful brands, then know that there is a beauty concept store right in the posh neighborhood of Sablon called Beauty by Kroonen & Brown .

Thank you for checking out this article and I’ll be back with more soon !



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