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Une autre approche

Hello sweeties,

Gosh, I had a full day, or better yet, another full day. Can you imagine that I wake-up at 7am and go to sleep at 12-1am ? I certainly need a long vacation before I become a living zombie lol ! Since I saw that you liked that I was posting two outfits per day, I think that starting tomorrow I’ll be doing it again. What do you think? 😀 

Anyway, I have this super cute look for today. As I had so much stuff to do, I needed a comfy outfit, but with a fashionable approach. So, I went for chic street – a gorgeous leather skirt from Viparo and a cat print top from Dresslink, my chunky sandals from Top Shop and the rest I’ll let you discover….

What I wore:

– Dresslink top blouse ( find it here)

– Viparo leather skirt ( their shop here)

– Top Shop sandals

– Zara bag

I must let you know how head over heels I am for this skirt ! And it’s not the only item I have from Viparo, which is an Australian brand, for bold and confident men and women, that creates amazing leather pieces which represent a must-have in any fashionista’s closet.

I really do hope you like my look ! ❤

Thank you for visiting the blog, guys and I wish you all a wonderful day/night…!




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