Two tone

Good afternoon, loves!

Having a wonderful day I hope? It had occurred to me that I never celebrated my blog’s birthday or having over 1k followers, but I guess as I do follow as well a lot of them ( especially bloggers), I never felt the need to celebrate. I would, though, wanted to thank you for following me and it brings me great joy to read all your comments and for the others who visit my blog, I’d like to say a big thanks and come again 🙂. On Lookbook and Instagram and other platforms I have so many wonderful followers who I see that really like my style and I’m very happy to see that I made such a great impact! It would be my dream someday to make a living out of my blog.

In the meanwhile, I would like to share with you my outfit that I wore today.. well.. mainly the dress that I have received on Friday from SheInside, an awesome online boutique with great things. I believe that my past dress from them was soooo amazing and that’s why, probably, this one didn’t exceed my expectations. It’s a wonderful dress nevertheless, but I guess it had wrinkled out in the package. 

Groove of the day:

What I wore:

SheInside dress

– Steve Madden heels

– YSL clutch ( find it here)

– Forever 21 necklace

– Vintage earrings

So, this is my little outfit for today. Luckily it was a little nice outside so I could take the shoots and of course, wear the dress :).

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