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Triangl Underwear

Hello, my dears!

It’s the second day of the week and the Saturday seems so far, far away…

But I would like to make that time seem a little shorter by introducing you to something new to the market. I believe you all know from my previous posts about Triangl Swimwear ( great Australian brand, cool bikinis, awesome service). Well, they are about to launch something new now in January! The brand will specialize now in underwear as well, and I was upon the first ones to get a sample of the upcoming collection. yeeeyyy !!! 🙂

For now they only have an instagram page, but this month we will assist to the official launch. (I think this week even)

I would like as well to review my underwear so you guys will know what to expect of it. 

So, starting with the fabric, I believe it’s very soft and great to wear, it feels light and cool on the skin. I would recommend, though, hand washing it. It seems a bit fragile in my opinion, to put it in the washing machine.

The design is so perfect. I would even wear it as a swimming suit if it were up to me :). Unfortunately, I always have problems when choosing the right bra/ bikini top when shopping cause I have a really small bust. That’s one of the big pluses that Triangl underwear gets from me, the fact that the bra fits me so perfect! I just couldn’t believe it ^^

So yeah, you did a great job Triangl! I totally recommend them and can’t wait for the official launch 😀

Thank you for visiting my blog and you’re very welcomed again 🙂




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