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Triangl in Palma de Mallorca II

Hi, guys!

I have well arrived at home, after a 3 hour delay that I thought it will never end. I believe that if you were traveling today or, for that matter, any other day until the 29th,  you had or will endure the same craziness of what an air strike. But I had an awesome vacation, so I didn’t let it get to me… 

I’m still a bit nostalgic of the time spent there so I would love to share with you some photos of yesterday that I took at the beach. It was a windy day with such big waves, but I had my awesome swimsuit from Triangl on, so I think it kept me quite cozy to say so because it’s made from a quality fabric, making sure that your body temperature stays warm, the same effect that a diver suit has. 🙂

What I wore:

– Triangl swimsuit ( find it here)

– Sacha sunnies

So, I think this is it, my last look from Palma. It’s true, it’s beachwear to say so, but I love to pose in swimwear every time I can.

Must leave you know, my eyes are closing ! :S




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