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Travelling back in time

Hello sweeties,

Hope your day started good. I’m just stalling time because I really don’t feel like cleaning my room ( that’s a total mess btw). The thing is that I always take everything out when putting together an outfit and then leave it laying around.

The same thing happened when mixing this super cute look! Retro vibes all the day – and these luggage pieces from Hedgren fitted perfectly in the decor. Obviously they fit any decor because of their shape, color and “attitude”. Hedgren prides with having the “everyday” must have bag, combining utility with design and good taste. For me, the brand distinguishes itself by having well partitioned bags. It’s so important to have a pocket for every need, rather than throwing everything inside together. It’s how I got my screen phone broken numerous times ! In the Hedgren bag, you will always find a place for everything: wallet, phone, documents… well… everything ! And the fabric they use for their items is timeless.

What I wore:

Airydress polka dot dress ( the original one comes with a black belt)

– Zara shoes

The bags:

So, how do you find this look? Did I manage to do a decent retro look or not? 🙂




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