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Travel essentials

Hello sweeties, 

I hope you’re all outside enjoying the great sun and the wonderful summer weather! I’m super excited for my trip at the end of the month :). On that note, I’ve been willing to do a travel essential post about what’s great to have with you and I know that choosing what to take with you can be a real headache.

I made up a little moldboard for you that includes my fave and at the same time, essential items that I need when parting on a summer vacation :).

I think it’s easier when you find everything in the same place. I found a lot of inspiration at Shopbop – it’s one of my fave places to shop 

– The swimsuit – perfect bikini for summertime, hitting the pool, the sea, the ocean – you name it !! I totally love this one from Kiini  and I think it’s just perfect 🙂

The dress – I always loved a dress that works for both daytime and night, so I was super excited to find this gorgeous dress by J.O.A

The shoes  ok, so summertime equals sandals. A pair of sandals that work with everything will save you a lot of space in your suitcase – my pick – Madewell 

– The travel bag – here I have two of them because you obviously need a suit case and a travel handbag – I chose to go with the Tumi brand as they have everything you need 😉

Hope you will have some awesome vacations ❤ and hope that my little post helped 🙂




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