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Tomb Raider

Good evening, my loves!

Days seem to pass so quick lately… that’s how it is when you’re super busy with everything. I’ve been doing some little redecorating as well. I know, I know…where do I find the time to do all of that?

Well, I love to organise everything. That’s another perk I learned from having a blog. Before, I was all over the place..starting things and never finishing them…but now everything seems to fall into place, like playing Tetris :).

Today’s look is a bit edgy and kinda reminds me of Tomb Raider, don’t you think so as well? Well, a very grungy rockish Tomb Raider anyway :))

-What I wore:

– W.E. jacket

– Jennyfer shirt

– Bershka skirt

– Pimkie booties

– Mango fringe envelope bag




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