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The sun protection question

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

We tend to speak about SPF/ sun protection just when the sun is burning up in the sky

Do you know that actually there are several bad 'lights' in the luminous spectrum to worry about? Like UVA - ultraviolet A which causes skin ageing, UVB - ultraviolet B which causes skin burning, etc. And then you also have the blue light from your screens that's damaging your skin..

And of course that, when you choose a sun protection product, you don't even know what's really inside and if it truly protects you. And then you have people that put sun screen on and stay in the bright sun for hours, thinking that it's ok since they have the sunscreen on. Well, it's not. You will never find a sun protection product that will protect you 100% from the sun when exposing yourself for hours and hours in the big bright sun. That's a fact !

And with that being said, I would love to share with you the products that I absolutely love, from a brand that is mainly focused on sun protection/ damage repair from the bad uvs that are out there and much more!

I got really interested in Lancaster and since I tried so many of their products, I can truly say that they are most definitely the best brand when it comes to sun protection.


All Lancaster Sun products - excluding the after suns - contain the

Lancaster's patented Full Light Technology that captures all rays of the

light spectrum and the skin against UVA+UVB rays+visible

light+infrared rays.

Now there's a lot of products that I like best, most of which you will find at Notino, but here are my top 3 from Lancaster:


1. The Sun Perfect Sun Illuminating Cream

Your skin is optimal protected against UVA UVB visible light infrared light

& blue light protected. The Anti Pollution Complex assists in more resistance

against environmental pollution and (sun) irritations and through the

Anti Aging Complex your skin gets more hydrated and firmer.

The texture is so lovely, it's not sticky nor having a bad odor.

A great product to have that protects, repairs and also allows you to tan.


2. Sun Beauty Velvet Milk - What it offers ?

- effective protection against the sun's rays

- it hydrates and nourishes

- it eliminates wrinkles and pigment spots

- gives a golden and natural tint to the tan

- prolongs the tan

Also, it has a delicate texture for an easy and uniform application

gives a golden and natural tint to the tan. And if you have sensitive skin, know that it's suitable for you as well :).


3.The 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal Serum - a fantastic product that will help you. The Repair Serum resets, repairs and constantly supports it optimal functioning of your skin. It restores the skin's own DNA with four specific enzymes

to support and repair recovery capacity.

It offers protection with a powerful anti-free radical shield, to prevent and protect skin cells from damage occurred from the harmful effects of the environment.

Prolong the youthfulness of the skin

by epigenetic level to work.

Remember: sun protection is needed all day, every day, upon exposure to the sun's light, regardless of the situation - cloudy or not cloudy, or of the season. Also, consider applying sunscreen 30 min before sun exposure and reapply every 2h for optimal protection.

Take care of your skin and see it age differently :)


Disclaimer: this article is sponsored by Notino


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