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The struggle

Hello sweeties,

How is your week going ? I'm actually on the verge of preparing a special surprise for my cousin today because it's her birthday; she turned 20 ! For me it's a special occasion because she is officially in her 20s :) and I really want to do something nice for her so she would remember this day.

Meanwhile, I have a pretty cool outfit to share with you today!

I remember the day I wore it, it was such a busy day, but I still wanted to put on my best face and my best outfit ! As you well know, I really like going for suits when doing business, but this suit is also very cool to wear with sneakers ! It was a long day that day and I couldn't stay on my heels 8 h :) . A pair of white sneakers fit this look quite perfect as well.

Scroll down to see what I'm wearing !



What I wore:

  • C&A pants, blazer, sleeves shirt and bag

  • Burberry heels

I hope you like this OOTD and I just can't wait to be back with more :)

Take care xo



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