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The Moke

Good morning everyone,

Hope your day has started well and in some corners of the world, ended well 😉 .

I’m back with a little article on our wheels of transportation around the island Efate, as promised. Since you saw some pics about the famous Moke, a car that I personally, have never encountered in real life, I thought I should enlighten you on the “who-what-where”.

Now the island of Efate may have its domestic transport ( small busses), but I believe that it’s so much more fun and less time consuming if you rent a vehicle. Thus, this idea led us to the doorstep of World Car Rentals Vanuatu, a company established in 2015 by the Smiths, a young couple at the time who came from Australia in 2004 looking to settle down in Vanuatu. Who can blame them ? The country has amazing sceneries and the life there seems quite chill.

During our stay in Vanuatu, we had at our disposal 2 Suzuki Jimny 4×4 and 2 super cute Mini Mokes.


The Mini Moke is such a fun car to drive around the island. For me it was the first time and I can honestly say it was super fun! I would totally pick the Moke instead of a normal car anytime. It’s stable and easy to drive, especially if you pick the automatic one 🙂 .

The 4WD Suzuki Jimny is also a nice car to visit the island. It’s not an “open-air” car like the Moke, so if it’s very windy or it rains, I suggest you take this one instead or the other closed cars available.


It was a very fun experience visiting the island and I really hope I will be back there someday to visit other islands of Vanuatu 😉




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