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The gym

Hey lovelies,

I know you’re used to a morning post, but today I had so much to do that I couldn’t get in front of my computer until now. But I have such a cool outfit to share with you that I really hope you’ll like.

I don’t know if you know it, but for awhile now I’ve been designing some really awesome clothing pieces and accessories ( like bags or iphone cases), well everything you can print on. Cause that’s what I do, I design the print. You can view it all at Live Heroes, the place where people with imagination can design all sorts of clothing print. My brand of course is called From Brussels, with Love. It’s nothing major, just something I like to do in my free time. I really do hope you’ll take a look. 🙂

To get a quick preview, on today’s outfit I’m wearing my very own boho tank top that I’ve created at Live Heroes. I’ve matched it with my cute shorts from Dresslink, NY cap, platform sneakers, and with a dash of what I like to call “Rihanna awesomeness” my pearl ear jacket and henna temporary tattoo from Kitsch. I’m very satisfied with the final look that I would totally see as something I’d wear while going to the gym.

What I wore:

– From Brussels, with Love tank top ( find it at Live Heroes here)

– Dresslink shorts ( find them here)

– Bershka sneakers

– Nike gym bag

– NY cap

– Kitsch henna temporary tattoo (find it here)

– Kitsch earring ( find it here)

So, hope you like this comfy cool look.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts! ❤




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