The evening dress

Hi guys,

I started getting up so early in the morning lately. I think I always do that in summer…When I was younger, I used to stay up until morning, but I guess that, with age, comes the need for a more quiet life. Nonetheless, I still like to go out and my favorite kind of going out is evening events. The ones that you get all dressed-up and pamper yourself; a long dress, a beautiful up-do and some gorgeous shoes.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon a great website that sells evening dresses, namely Sherry London. I found so many beautiful dresses that I just don’t know what to pick! In every color, name it!

Below I’ll share with you my preferences and I’ll let you help me in deciding which one to pick!

You know how I love long evening dresses, so here’s a few:

And of course, another fave style black evening dresses :

What to choose? What to choose?

Which one is your favorite? 

The 3rd black one is truly inspiring, but for a special event. I think that for a restaurant date, I would go for the very first dress. I usually know what I want, but seing so many beautiful dresses is really hard to choose. 🙂

Guess that Sherry London has made my favorite websites list hahaha.

Well, hope you’ll help me and hope that I’ve managed to make you discover a new awesome place to buy dresses too.

I’ll be back really soon with my usual OOTD post, so stay tuned :)!