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The day before

Hello everyone,

And how are you this beautiful Sunday ?

Well, since tomorrow we are entering into phase 1 of loosening the strict quarantine measures, I'm all ready to pamper myself .. have a nice bath, wash my hair, do some masks. This phase one may not concern me exactly, but I'm still happy to see things going back on track ( at least for now).

Moreover, I have a really lovely look to share with you today ! My super cute dress comes from SheIn and I cannot wait to wear it outside for a real suitable event :)

Use Q7byruxandra15 for 15% off any order on their site ! ;)

What I wore:

- SheIn dress

- Pilgrim Jewellery earrings

- Zara boots

I like pretending that I could have still go on a date Friday evening.. I put a cute dress, make-up, high heels .. even though I only stood at home :) - but hey, there are worse things in life, right?

Thank you for checking the blog ! I hope you are all safe and I hope we will be getting back to "normal' in no time ;)



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