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The black pearl

Hi guys,

I’m back from the amusement park where, of course, I did my shooting part. I so love shooting, it feels like I’m a commando team member and bam-bam-bam :). Always dreamt of being a hitman, it’s shameful to say that, but I promise that I would have chosen my targets and not kill everyone. Well, some politicians deserve that for free lol 😂😂

But we live in the real world, and in the real world we can’t kill anyone. Well, we can, but it’s not ok.

Also, in the real world we are free to choose our awesome fashionable looks ! 

Like in this post, I’m wearing an amazing killer outfit -> wearing this awesome irregular shirt dress from Dressfo ( yes, I wore it as a dress cause I’m not that tall); mixed it with my silver sandals from 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals and yes, I’m wearing a wig ! It’s from DressLily and they have like a lot of cool wigs, as well as clothing, accessories, etc. You should totally check them out 😀

And for the cherry on top, the thing that I’m most excited about – my freaking fabulous black pearl necklace from VIKI LYNN 😻😻! It features a silver 925 necklace and the part that holds the actual pearl is from 18K platinum. And because you’re so amazing, I have to remind you that using this code: LOK3YTVE

That being said, I can furthermore let you check my video& pics ( P.S. sorry for the low quality of the video, but my iphone is just so horrible with storage and saving my videos IDK what’s going on!):

What I wore:

– Blanco clutch

So, what do you think?

How do I look with grey hair? hahahah



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